Hi all,
i have the same issue on my stuff.
I have a CDE dashboard with a dateInputComponent which represents a StartDate filter.
When I change the date, i extract the year and month from it (using the snippet below), so i use it on a mdx query to plot a bar chart.

The issue is that when i open thedashboardthe first time, it works fine, i.e. the bar chart refresh itself displaying the correct time interval on x-axis.
Instead, when i change the date Input component other times, year and month parameters not change correctly, but they update to the correct values only if i click on an other filter (or the same StartDate filter) on my dashboard.

My snippet, used on Preexecution and postChange functions of the Start Date filter (=dateInputcomponent):

function decode(){
var data_i=p_start_date.split("-");
var year = data_i[0]; //the extracted year
var month = data_i[1]; //the extracted month
var day = data_i[2];

Dashboards.fireChange('p_start_year', parseInt(year,10));


Obviously, the bar chart has two listeners: p_start_year, p_start_month which i extract from the date.

Hope i was clear.