Sorry for the basic question and poor expressions, because I'm not native English speaker and not good at English.

I want to show Grand Total as a column in Analyzer Report, like this:
Area1 Area2 Area3 Total
2011 10 20 30 60
2012 20 30 40 90
2013 30 40 50 120

I can show Grand Total through 'Report Option', but I want the Grand Total to be made as a column,
because when I switch to chart, the Grand Total by Report Option is not shown.

According to "3.3.2 The 'all' member " in
'This member is parent of all other members of the hierarchy, and thus represents a grand total.'

How can I show 'this member' which is parent of all other members of the hierarchy ?
Or how can I add the total into columns using 'hasAll="true"' property in Hierarchy ?

Thank you.