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Thread: 100% Stacked Bar Chart

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    Default 100% Stacked Bar Chart


    Does anyone have a working example of a 100% Normalized Stacked Bar Chart?

    I can't seem to get one to render on my dashboard and no error in the catalina.out file.

    Am just passing in simple test data in an attempt to get it working but still no joy.

    SELECT Test1, 100
    FROM table
    LIMIT 1

    Am I passing in correct data or am I missing a value?

    Normal CCC Bar Charts work just fine (whether stacked or not).

    Many Thanks
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    Hi Zimm,

    the "100% normalized stacked bar chart" does the value normalization internally - there's no need for the data source's "value" to be between 0 and 100.

    Also, normalization is performed by category: in each category, the % value of each series is shown.
    If there's only one series, as it seems to be your test case, every category will show a bar, from top to bottom having a 100% share.

    You have working examples of CCCv2 BAR charts online at > "CCC.CHARTS" > BAR

    On any of the examples shown, replace pvc.BarChart by pvc.NormalizedBarChart.

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    Hi Zimm,

    Did you manage to do a 100% stacked bar chart ?
    I think I have the same problem as you. I don't know if the error comes from the data or not...


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    FYI, since release 15.02.26, CCC's Bar chart directly supports showing as a 100% bar chart.
    The new option valuesNormalized can be used for either stacked or grouped bars.

    The old NormalizedBarChart is kept for backwards compatibility.

    Happy charting!

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