Easter release!


CCC V2 integration!

Full changelog:

* CCC V2 integration
* Added capability to detect session timeout and request new credentials (instead of silently failing)
* Feature: Support for extra options in select component
* Feature: Add clickAction & expand selectors to table component
* Fixed Heatgrid Sample
* Fix: Multiselect component now checks for null values regardless of the plugin used.
* Fix [REDMINE-1822] - Tooltip not showing in select components
* Fix [REDMINE-309] - td.expandingClass now has a dummy click for it to work as intended.
* Fix: Column format in table component now takes hidden columns into account. Ex: If column 0 is hidden: - Now: format for column 1 is colFormats[1] - Previously: format for column 1 was colFormats[0]


Support for CCC V2

Full changelog:

* Support for CCC V2
* Update siteMap component to accept an url from where to fetch the siteMap json using an ajax call.
* Implemented [Redmine-93] - Close the Popup Component
* Fixed [Redmine-1840] - External resource editing is failing
* Fixed [Redmine-345] - Scrollbars in PopupComponent
* Fixed [Redmine-1874] - Remplate import should now work as intended


Full changelog:

* Fixed [REDMINE-1851] - Added conditions that protect the TableComponent from empty metadata queries (eg. Select include mode with output options [1,0] and an empty query)
* Fixed [REDMINE-1881] - IntegerArrays not working on sql queries
* Reintroduced deprecated SQLReportDataFactory.setQuery for pentaho 3.9 support


* Support for CCC v2
* Internal architectural changes - refactored cgg to cgg-core and cgg-pentaho.


Full changelog:
* There were some edge cases where parameters were not being correctly parsed in cdv's validation dashboard