Hi guys! I am new to Mondrian and currently dealing with this for my final project.

I have a MDX query similar like this :
SELECT NON EMPTY {Hierarchize({[Product].[Product Family].Members})} ON COLUMNS 
NON EMPTY CrossJoin([Time].[Quarter].Members, [Store].[Store Name].Members) ON ROWS
FROM [Sales]
WHERE {Hierarchize({[Measures].[Unit Sales]})}
and I would like to get level in each axe (rows and columns). I could get the Level for the COLUMNS axe through this code,
but unfortunately I couldn't get the Level for ROWS axe.

System.out.println("Set : " + axes[i].getSet().getType().getLevel());
Level lv = axes[i].getSet().getType().getLevel();
System.out.println("Level : " + lv);
I think this is caused because ROWS axe has more than 1 arity. Is there any solution to this kind of problem?

Thanks for any help.

Daniel P