Wah ternyata ada bahasa Indo-nya. adakah yg bisa bantu permasalahan saya ?

Using Mondrian, I would like to get Level in MDX query for each axis.

For example :

> SELECT NON EMPTY {Hierarchize({[Product].[Product Family].Members})} ON COLUMNS

> NON EMPTY CrossJoin([Time].[Quarter].Members, [Store].[Store Name].Members) ON ROWS

> FROM [Sales]

> WHERE {Hierarchize({[Measures].[Unit Sales]})}

Expected results are :

COLUMNS : [Product].[Product Family]

ROWS : [Time].[Quarter], [Store].[Store Name]

Recently I used this code :

> axes[i].getSet().getType().getLevel()

It worked for the COLUMNS axis, but it doesn't work for the ROWS axis.
I suppose this is caused by the arity in ROWS axis which is more than 1.

Is there any way to get the level in an axis which has arity more than 1 ?