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Thread: I need an expert: Pentaho/Mondrian Java Tomcat Redhat

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    Default I need an expert: Pentaho/Mondrian Java Tomcat Redhat

    Our application uses a highly customized version of Pivot.jsp to run MDX queries. We recently migrated from Ubuntu to RedHat and the application is timing out when there are multiple sessions. Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot? We might be able to subcontract for some billable time.


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    Turned out the problem was simple, although it took a few days of headscratching.

    The application uses an Apache-Tomcat bridge, and we discovered that some of the default Ubuntu settings are more generous than the Apache ones.

    Ubuntu Redhat
    Setting Value Filename Value Filename
    Timeout 300 httpd-default.conf 60 httpd.conf
    KeepAlive On httpd-default.conf Off httpd.conf
    MaxRequestsPerChild 0 httpd-mpm.conf 4000 httpd.conf

    Not sure which setting did the trick, or maybe it was all three, but once we changed the RedHat values to match the Ubuntu values, the problems went away.

    Hope this is useful to someone else!
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