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Thread: JasperReportsComponent / exporting JasperReports into .ppt or .pptx

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    Default JasperReportsComponent / exporting JasperReports into .ppt or .pptx


    I have lack of knowledge in this topic, but where i work, i got the task, that i need to report a jasperreport file (jrxml) into PPT format via Pentaho. As i searched the problem in google, i found that Pentaho is prepared for exporting jasperreports into HTML or PDF. So i downloaded latest file, and tried to add PPT into it.

    (in theory,
    JasperReportsComponent can export in PPT via net.sf.jasperreports.engine.export.ooxml.JRPptExporter package)

    My problem is, that i do not find the location, where i could place my JAR file, comiled from modified

    Or other question, how could i achive that i can export a jasperreport into .ppt or .pptx format in pentaho?


    ##Re-editing my post, wish it will be more understanding now:

    I am using Pentaho, and i want to present JasperReport reports, made in iReport, in it. Everything works fine due to pentaho has a component called JasperReportsComponent which can parse ireports (.jasper) into pdf and html format. My problem is, that i need to parse ireports into ppt, or pptx format, i inspected, that a little bit of modification is needed in, and then, it is capable of parsing jasperreports to ppt, or pptx via net.sf.jasperreports.engine.export.ooxml.JRPptExporter package. So i modified the freely downloadable file, but i ran into the problem, that i dont know how to integrate it into pentaho

    Background story: now, if i make a report in iReport, i generate a Jrxml file, AND a .jasper from it, i save them into a pentaho folder, and bind this .jasper file to the JasperReportsComponent component in an .xaction file like this:


    Above is the code sample where i load my .jasper file like a resource, and here is where i bind this to the component:

    <output-type type="string" mapping="output_format"/>
    <report-definition type="resource"/>

    And after this, in Pentaho, i can "open" the .xaction file, i can choose pdf, or html from a dropdown list, and the JasperReportsComponent parse my .jasper file into the choosen format.
    You can see, that this way i cant produce a ppt, or pptx from my .jasper, becouse pentaho's component is not prepared for parsing into ppt.
    So my question is, where do pentaho store resource files of JasperReportsComponent, and how could i replace it with my own edited file?!
    Thanks for any advice.
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