I have a super-simple analyzer report, where all I'm doing is calculating the average of a measure. In the schema, it's default aggregation is AVERAGE. The only other aspect of the report is a filter on date, where I restrict it to being within a list of 3 dates.

What's odd is that it appears that Mondrian is actually calculating the average for each date BEFORE averaging those 3 numbers to get the value displayed in the report. This seems very wrong (the report only has that one average displayed - no other fields).

I don't know MDX that well, but below is what I pulled from the mdx log if that helps:

Set [*NATIVE_CJ_SET] as 'Filter([*BASE_MEMBERS_ActivityDate], Not IsEmpty ([Measures].[AveragePosition]))'
Set [*NATIVE_MEMBERS_ActivityDate] as 'Generate([*NATIVE_CJ_SET], {[ActivityDate].CurrentMember})'
Set [*BASE_MEMBERS_Measures] as '{[Measures].[*FORMATTED_MEASURE_0]}'
Set [*BASE_MEMBERS_ActivityDate] as '{[ActivityDate].[2012-09-01 00:00:00.0],[ActivityDate].[2012-09-02 00:00:00.0],[ActivityDate].[2012-09-03 00:00:00.0]}'
Member [ActivityDate].[*SLICER_MEMBER] as 'Aggregate ([*NATIVE_MEMBERS_ActivityDate])', SOLVE_ORDER=-400
Member [Measures].[*FORMATTED_MEASURE_0] as '[Measures].[AveragePosition]', FORMAT_STRING = '#,###.00;(#,###.00)', SOLVE_ORDER=400
[*BASE_MEMBERS_Measures] on columns
From [SQLTestCube1_JustResults]
Where ([ActivityDate].[*SLICER_MEMBER])