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Thread: CDE Editor with IE (can it work?)

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    Default CDE Editor with IE (can it work?)

    I have developed a few dashboards with Chrome/Safari, then ported them over to an environment that only has IE (requirement of the device - no 3rd party browsers) and it'd be great if I can use the editor to troubleshoot/make changes.

    Right now, I have to keep copying/pasting from my development environment to the Locked-Down-IE-I-Hate-You one.

    After searching for solutions I have only found this:

    What do you mean by that? All of this works in IE (not the editor, but no developer uses IE anyway)
    Didn't think I would ever be asking, but, at last, I am:

    Can the editor in CDE 'work' with IE?

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    Nov 2011


    There might be some hope for you....
    Maybe in the next few weeks you'll have some good news... :-)
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    Very cool! Thank you. NEVER thought I'd have to even ASK THAT QUESTION! Really impressed with the CDE framework, the work yall have done, and especially the CCC2 release.

    Nice nice work.

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