We are implementing restartability from point of failure by creating touch files.
But as these steps are repeating I thought of creating a common wrapper job which accepts
job/transorfmation path name,job/transformation name as paramters and carrying out the
if then else with the files.
Assume that I have a master job J1 and it calls a child job J2 which has two child jobs J3 and J4
and I am calling J2,J3 and J4 using this wrapper job. But the problem is
I am getting endless loop error when I run master job as it says the say wrapper job is calling
Is it possible to use a reusable job just as we use transformation.
Please let me know it...
Creating if then else file exist condition for each of the job is tedious so I thought to create a single
job and call it.
The reason to create a single wrapper job was that it could check the file existance and also it call the transformations
or job from it
Please help...