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Thread: Table name like variable in sql query??

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    Default Table name like variable in sql query??

    I have two questions:
    1) What is the best way to get a list containing the names of tables and a transformation that goes through the list and then perform a SQL query (select * from %%tablename%%): excel, csv, xml or a table with the names of these tables? This list can be midified at any time

    2) can I do queries with variables on list of tables with different data schemas( a column more in the target table.)

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    Lucky for you, we just worked through this exact process in depth. See this thread:

    In addition, the samples include a nice example:
    ./pdi-ee-4.1.2-GA/samples\/jobs/process all tables

    Please post up if you have any questions or run into any problems.

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    thx, so much. I'll make a list .csv or .xls.


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    Similar Question:
    What could be the right approach to make TableName as a variable when we select the table in TableInputStep?
    The variable holds a valid value.

    I have MySQL connection:
    SELECT * FROM ${Var_Name};

    But the above statement raises an error.
    What could go wrong here?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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