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Thread: Creating a dynamic number of charts

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    Default Creating a dynamic number of charts

    Hi everyone

    I need in one of my report to create a certain number of chart. The thing is I know the number of the chart to create in my SQL request.

    My example here is, I have a project (dynamic number) and every week I have a remaining time to do (days) on this project.
    So for each project (1 Project = 1 Chart) I want a chart that gives me for every week the time remaining on this project

    I'm not sure if what I ask is possible but every help or advice is welcome

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    Get your data, sort it by project. Then group your report by project, make sure that the group you add has a name. Now create your chart element in the group header and configure it as you like. Just make sure that in the data-collector inside the chart editor, you set the group-attribute to the name of the group you just created. This will separate the data for each project.
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    thks a lot this is a good idea, i'll do it in a subreport so I keep my "general" data on the main report

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