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Thread: Help with Paired Bar-Line Example on webdetails site (in CDE)

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    Default Help with Paired Bar-Line Example on webdetails site (in CDE)

    In trying to use this example:

    and am not sure how (if possible) to correlate some of the fields in the example code (which is, really really awesome, btw, that these examples exist. if you are new and want to learn, visit this site and try to build these examples, for the love...)

    so the issue I have is I'm not editing the cdfde files (just using CDE and things like 'pre-execution') and not sure how to implement these portions of the example:
    readers: ['measure, series, category, value'],

    dimensions: {
    // Explicitly define the "measure" dimension
    // (change the defaults that would
    // otherwise take effect)
    measure: {
    // If you want to hide the special
    // "measure" dimension from the tooltip:
    isHidden: true,

    // Fine tune the labels
    formatter: function(v) {
    switch(v) {
    case 'Count':
    return "Count";
    case 'AvgLatency':
    return "Avg. Latency";
    return v + '';

    Do I wrap it in a function in pre-execution? Example of how to do this?

    Edit the cdfde file?

    As always, many thanks for this awesome tool.

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    Thanks, for the compliments. The CCC team rejoices :-)

    Not every CCC property is mapped as a CDE property of the CDE chart components. In this cases you can configure this in one of the CDE components handlers: preExecution and postFetch. In choosing between the two, "postFetch" is usually the best choice because: it allows you to take the data that will feed the chart into account and it's the only CDE handler that is also ran in the CGG server environment (for printing).

    EDIT (2014-10-04): CGG already also supports preExecution and postExecution handlers.

    Place this in the postFetch CDE property JavaScript code editor window:
    function f(cdaData) {
        // Look at and change cdaData if necessary
        // Add/Change the chart definition that is sent to CCC (already built with the specified CDE properties)
        var cccOptions = this.chartDefinition;
        cccOptions.readers = ['a, b, c'];
        cccOptions.dimensions = {
             a: {valueType: Number}
        // etc
       // Lastly, return the possibly new/changed cdaData
       return cdaData;
    There's a catch there. The cccOptions.extensionPoints in this phase do not yet have the final CCC format of {extensionpoint: value, ...}. They are in a [["extensionPoint", value], ...] format still. So to use or change this, you'd better use two existing Dashboards functions that translate between the two formats: Dashboards.propertiesArrayToObject and back by Dashboards.objectToPropertiesArray.

    Have fun and keep giving us feedback.
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    Hi, how should be formated the Dataset to use this type of graphic?

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    Hi, here's the dataset used in the example:

    var testMeasureDiscrim = {
            {colName: "City",       colType: "STRING" },
            {colName: "Period",     colType: "STRING" },
            {colName: "Count",      colType: "NUMERIC"},
            {colName: "AvgLatency", colType: "NUMERIC"}
        resultset: [
            ['London', 'Jan', 35000,  141.3],
            ['London', 'Apr', 40000,  120.12],
            ['London', 'Jul', 45000,  115.6],
            ['London', 'Oct', null,   110.37],
            ['Paris',  'Jan', 70000,  null],
            ['Paris',  'Apr', 80000,  180.9],
            ['Paris',  'Jul', 115000, 170.7],
            ['Paris',  'Oct', 45000,  145.5],
            ['Lisbon', 'Jan', 70000,  200.7],
            ['Lisbon', 'Apr', 90000,  190.3],
            ['Lisbon', 'Jul', 120000, 180.2],
            ['Lisbon', 'Oct', 30000,  130.067]

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