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Thread: parameters doubts

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    Unhappy parameters doubts


    First of all I thank the help you may offer.

    I explain:

    I have a transformation that is very simple: make a select from a table and insert them into other records.

    I need two things I do not know how to do:

    1. - That when transformation runs, check the records that already exist in the target database and update only those that have changed and insert the new. But they have not changed not touch.

    Two. - I have a field in the source table is VISITDATE. I need to pass as parameter the starting date and records not select records with the field VISITDATE <start date.

    I created, on the tab of the transformation parameters, the startdate parameter, but as I do that by executing a transformation I ask the value of the start date and also make me VISITDATE filter <start date.

    I do not know if I explained well, but thanks anyway.

    Greetings to all!

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    Are input and output table in the same database?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    No, are in diferent databases

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    Think about how you would do it if you weren't using software to do it, map that out, and then figure out how to do that with the software.

    In your case:

    1) Find the start date (is this a pre-known item, or something the software has to figure out?)
    2) Look up all records in VISITDATE where VISITDATE column >= start date
    3) Insert these records in Destination table

    For this, I would use:
    1) Table Input (assuming that the software needs to figure out start date)
    2) Table Input (to look up the records)
    3) Table Output

    For the requirement to look up updated records - the step that would be useful would be "Insert / Update"
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