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Thread: Compare the structures of two databases

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    Default Compare the structures of two databases

    Hi !

    I Have two databas postgresql, and I want to compare the tables and fields of 2 databas.


    Database A:
    Table 1:name,code,description.
    Table 2: name,capacity.

    Database B:
    Table 1:name,code,value.
    Table 2: name.
    Table 3: name.

    I want a solution that give me the follow result:
    Table1: no description,a field value added
    Table 2:no field capacity
    Table 3: new.

    Thank you !

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    You might want to use Postgres itself, rather than PDI, to do this. You could use pg_dump with the --schema-only option to create text dump files, and then compare (diff) those files with a text editor. Or you could query the information_schema.columns view in Postgres in both databases. If you query those views, you could set up two Table Input steps in a PDI transformation and run a Merge diff step to show the differences.

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