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Thread: Calculator + strings = weird results

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    Default Calculator + strings = weird results

    I have a very simple transformation:
    A loads a csv file containing emails -> field "email" in the stream, type String
    B calculator, loads "email", and produces "email_u", with the uppercase modifier

    If I look at the data, I have valid email addresses in the "email" column, while the "email_u" column is populated with strings like



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    Turn off lazy conversion
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks a lot marabu, that made the trick.
    There is another thing that I can't seem to grasp: I have now two streams with email and email_csv fields, both are uppercased, sorted ASC and there are many identical emails.
    If I Merge join the two streams using email and email_csv, I get only a handful (10) matched records out of thousands, even if they contain the same values and are sorted the same.
    Is there some encoding stuff at play? How do I find out?

    EDIT: it seems that SELECT email FROM table ORDER BY email ASC, when Merge sorted with a stream sorted with the "sort" step, produces incompatible sorting, resulting in faulty join.
    The "solution" (hack) has been to sort the database result with a sort step, that made everything work as expected.
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