I have followed the following steps to migration reports/analyzer from testing instance to production instance.
Error Message shows as below while opening the reports

" Unable to open report because either the data source name has been changed or you do not have access to the data source.
Details: Unable to find catalog: BUS_Info"

The migration steps are
Step 1 :
Find the dependent data source files of the dashboard and copy them from the following location and past them in
Corresponding Pentaho BI Server Location .
<Pentaho Home>/server/biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/admin/resources/metadata/

Step 2 :
Now Copy the datasource Catalog code for the related data source file in datasource.xml which is at following location, paste it corresponding datasource.xml file at another Pentaho BI Server.

Step 3:
Copy the dashboard file and past it in the corresponding location or where you want.

Step 4:
Now Refresh the Repository and Reporting Metadata at Pentaho User Console.

Please help