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Thread: Newbie -Help Appreciated in setting up job

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    Default Newbie -Help Appreciated in setting up job


    I am very new to Kettle and would like to ask for help in setting up a job/transformation with teh following capability:
    1. Check Database table to see if any rows currently exists
    2. If rows exists, move the data to a backup table and clear current table
    3. Read excel file
    4. Store excel file into table that was cleared
    5. Done

    My problem has been with the parallel execution of the transformation. I have tried flow control but guess i am not doing correctly.
    What is the best way of performing these actions?


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    You will need two transformations.
    One to copy rows from the landing table to the archive table - a Table Input and a Table Output step will do.
    And one to import the Excel rows into the landing table - use the "truncate table" option of the Table Output step this time.
    To run the transformations serially, put them in a job.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    THank you marabu

    Appreciate your help

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