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Thread: running Pentaho from a .exe file instead of .bat files

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    Default running Pentaho from a .exe file instead of .bat files

    Hi everyone,
    I need to replace the .bat files with .exe files and run Pentaho solution that way. I have used some tools to do so but each had a problem, is there any solution for that? or any tools that can do the job?

    These are links to software I have used:
    1. : This one is the most suitable one but start-up fails at first steps. I think it is due to dependencies is required to be added to the exe file and it will be the whole solution directories and sub-directories.
    2. : which is a command/bash based tool. everything is fine with it except the connection between BI-server and admin-console is lost after the solution is started.
    3. : another windows based tool which has problems of the first one.


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    This is a wrapper that leaves the bat-files unchanged and just invokes them for you. This way you are also free to edit the bat-files at any time if needed.
    However, this makes less sense for the servers, as they should be run as services instead, so that they fire-up when your server starts.

    For that see the Tomcat-documentation here:
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    But it starts tomcat. Is it equal to starting the pentaho? One more question on this document. After creating the service while starting the service it throws an exception and references to System Event Log, which does not contain any useful information. The error code returned is 0. Is there any special parameter, need to be set?

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