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Thread: Accessing getSolutionRepositoryDoc Webservice using Spring Security with preAuthFilte

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    Default Accessing getSolutionRepositoryDoc Webservice using Spring Security with preAuthFilte


    I am using Spring Security with a preauthenticationFilter for getting SSO working (Pentaho 4.8).
    I can now login to pentaho preauthenticated from my other webapplication.
    But my SolutionRepositoryBrowser throws a Nullpointer Exception and i dont know why.

    ERROR [[SolutionRepositoryService]] Servlet.service() for servlet SolutionRepositoryService threw exception
            at org.pentaho.platform.repository.solution.SolutionRepositoryServiceImpl.getSolutionRepositoryDoc(

    I removed the securityContextHolderAwareRequestFilter from the spring configuration to get the preauth working. if i add the securityContextHolderAwareRequestFilter again, the repositoryservice works (but sso not anymore).

    This is my current Spring filter config:
      <bean id="filterChainProxy" class="">
        <property name="filterInvocationDefinitionSource">
               You can safely remove the first pattern starting with /content/dashboards/print, if you're not using
               Enterprise Dashboards or not allowing printing of Dashboards,
    and heres my auth config:

    <bean id='j2eePreAuthFilter' class=''>
        <property name='authenticationManager' ref='authenticationManager' />
        <property name='authenticationDetailsSource' ref='authenticationDetailsSource' />
      <bean id='preAuthenticatedAuthenticationProvider' class=''>
        <property name='preAuthenticatedUserDetailsService' ref='preAuthenticatedUserDetailsService' />
       <bean id='preAuthenticatedUserDetailsService' class='de.test.MyUserDetailsService' />
      <bean id='authenticationDetailsSource' class=''>
        <property name='mappableRolesRetriever' ref='j2eeMappableRolesRetriever' />
        <property name='userRoles2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper' ref='j2eeUserRoles2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper' />
      <bean id='j2eeUserRoles2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper' class=''>
        <property name='convertAttributeToUpperCase' value='false' />
        <property name='attributePrefix' value='' />
      <bean id='j2eeMappableRolesRetriever' class=''>
      <property name='webXmlInputStream'>
        <bean factory-bean='webXmlResource' factory-method='getInputStream' />
     <bean id='webXmlResource' class=''>
       <constructor-arg ref='servletContext' />
       <constructor-arg value='/WEB-INF/web.xml' />
        <bean id='servletContext' class='' />
      <bean id="authenticationManager" class="">
        <property name="providers">
            <ref bean='preAuthenticatedAuthenticationProvider' />
            <ref bean="daoAuthenticationProvider" />
            <ref local="anonymousAuthenticationProvider" />

    Can anybody help me to get the solutionrepositoy service working with the spring preauthentication configuration?

    Thx in advance,

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    I have the same problem, i'm using Pentaho CE 6.2, i tried to copy past his configuration into my applicationContext-spring-security.xml file but it doesn't work, i tried also to use JavaEeFiler, j2eePreAuthFitler and always the same problem any ideas how to configure spring security with preauthentification filter ?

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