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Thread: How do I get "Get rows from result" to work when running transformation alone?

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    Default How do I get "Get rows from result" to work when running transformation alone?

    I have a simple job that calls two transformations, passing result from one to the other. I cannot figure out has to run the 2nd transformation in Spoon, "faking" the result row.

    First transformation calls "Get file names" to find a file, and then passes the filename, directory, and full path to the result stream using "Copy rows to result".

    The second transformation reads the result stream using "Get rows from previous result", then reads the file and transforms the data (XML query).

    It works when I run the job, which calls the two transforms in turn. however, for debugging, I need to be able to run the second transformation. I can't figure out where/how I enter the three result fields and values (in my case, directory, short_filename, filename). When I run the 2nd transformation from Spoon, I see grids for Parameters, Arguments, and Variables, but not results. What am I missing?

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    The result stream isn't accessible from the GUI.
    For simple tests you can replace "Get rows from result" by a "Data Grid" step.
    More serious testing would call for a temporary file.
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    Thanks! The Data Grid did the trick. I just have to remember to disable its hop after testing.

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