I'm designing a web-based interface for launching Kettle transformations. The web app allows the user to choose information stored in a database, the Kettle transformation, and the output file name. They then can launch the transform from the web page. I don't want the user to use Spoon to drive the process.

All of this works fine. For simple transforms, e.g. read from a database and produce a .csv file, it works fine. When the transform is to produce an Excel file the transform fails with a "NoClassDefFoundError: jxl/WorkbookSettings" error. It fails whenever it needs an external jar file.

I've included the jxl.jar file in the Grails project and I see its path is included in the Grails .classpath file. I've tried moving the jxl.jar file around to different directories but the transform still can't find it.

Does anyone know the magic of how to have an externally launced .ktr transformation find the jars it needs?

Any help is greatly appreciated as this is a showstopper for me right now.

Thanks in advance.