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Thread: Enterprise Repository Question

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    Default Enterprise Repository Question

    I feel stupid for even ASKING this question, but my googling does not find what I am looking for. I'm using PDI 4.4.1, with an Enterprise Repository (connected to DISERVER, default port 908)

    Anyway, the repo works great. It keeps a history of all of my changes, and I can go back to previous versions any time I want. ALl of the features work perfectly. My question is: "where is the actual data of that repository stored? is it in a database I don't know about? Is it on the server's file system in some cryptic way that I can not find?"

    • I ask partially for academic reasons -- I really woudl like to be able to inspect it.
    • But also because I want to be able to have a backup of it. Currently, I export the entire repository (and end up with a ton of XML files) and offload that file to a safe server. But I would also like to set something up to backup that repository automatically every day

    Who knows the magic sauce behind where the Pentaho Enterprise Repository actually lives??


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    usually the EE repo is a local MySQL-Server instance



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    That was true in the prior version of Pentaho (4.4). But in 4.8, it is (I think) Pentaho. (I am a MySQL DBA, and I can tell you for sure that mysql is not running on my server!)

    So if it IS in Postgres, where? I poked through the databases and saw nothing obvious. If I even knew what database it was in, that would be good enough! I just want know know what to back up! ;-)

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    Are you running on Windows or Linux-based system?
    Anyway I would then try to locate the program which serves the DISERVER-Port, navigate to this directory and have a closer look then

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    MySQL, PostgreSQL?

    I always thought it is H2
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    It's actually a Jackrabbit repository stored in a H2 in version 4 or (by default, others are possible) PostgreSQL for version 5.


    It's always best to ask Pentaho support for documentation, best practices for backing up and so on.

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