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Thread: Pour data form Application Java(Swing ) into Report of Petaho

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    Question Pour data form Application Java(Swing ) into Report of Petaho

    Title:Pour data from Java Application(Swing ) into Report of Petaho

    Example I have a ArrayList<Customer> listCustomer;
    and i have report (*.prpt) which is designed to show listCustomer.
    I want to pour listCustomer into report
    How to pour listCustomer into report ?
    If you have a demo to explain my problem ,pleage give me .
    Please help me thank you much.
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    It doesn't work that way. The report is usually tied to a JDBC data source or to an XML. If you really want to, you can write your own Custom Data Source but that's a pain...

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    Configure your report to use a table-datasource. Then build a javax.swing.TableModel that contains your data. Then pass that into the report. Actually, just grab one of the many demos and see how we do it there.

    I think that one is simple and clear enough to demonstrate how to do the task you want to do.
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    I have NetBean , Eclipse
    Can you help me run it?
    What library I must add? Where do I can library?
    How to run project ?Name:  DemoInvoice.jpg
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    Sorry if my question is very easy ,i am only begin
    Thank you much!
    Library in Pentaho Designer Name:  Lib.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by petervn View Post
    What library I must add? Where do I can library?
    I tried arround a lot and came to the following:

    Use the libs from the newest version of the Report Designer. (Actually the SDK download is not up to date at the moment)

    I needed the following JARs to get away from all error messages (not exactly remembering the purposes):

    - pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-core-3.*.*-GA.jar
    - depending on the features you use: any pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-extension-****.jar
    - js-***.jar
    - all lib***.jar
    - ehcache-core***.jar
    - itext***.jar
    - bsf***.jar
    - bsh***.jar
    - dom4j***.jar
    - logging stuff: log4j***.jar , both slf***.jar , commons-logging***.jar
    - if you need MS Excel export feature: all poi*** JARs , xmlbeans**.jar

    hope that helps.

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