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Thread: MongoDB Input with limit, order by / sort

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    Default MongoDB Input with limit, order by / sort

    Hi guys,

    I needed to generate some reports based on mongodb data but MongoDB Input step did't have the functionality I wanted so I did some enhancements and want to share it. I used pentaho-mongodb-plugin as a base that's why my extension is called pentaho-mongodb-plugin-ext, feel free to use it!

    New functions I added to the plugin:
    - order by / sort query
    - limit results
    - query parameters based on previous row

    First two are very simple, but query parameters need some explanation. You have to put "#" in mongo query and it will be replaced with first row of input stream. For example input stream (a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4) that will go to MongoDB Input step with query { "valA" : #, "valV" : #} will be replaced to { "valA" : 1, "valB" : 2} - similar to replacement in Table Input. Couldn't use variables in here cause Pentaho reports can only use Transformation and its impossible to set a variable inside one.

    It would be nice if at least order by and limit could be added in official version of this plugin. I can provide source code if you need.
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    I found the solution, please see my post.

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