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Thread: how to use generate Rows?

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    Default how to use generate Rows?

    i am new to pentaho,

    i have to create exercise like this using Spoon

    1.Date column values starts from 01-01-2005 to 31-12-2024 around(24 years dates)
    2.Year : pick year from the date column(2005)
    3.Month: pick month of date column(1)
    4.dayofyear: day of date column(1 to 365/366)
    5.dayofmonth 1 to 30/31)
    6.weekofyear 1 to 54)
    7.quarter 1 to 4means month is between 1-3 is 1st quqter,4-6 is 2st quqter
    8.DATE_FROM: 01-01-1900(constant for all rows)
    9.date_to: 01-01-2100 (constant for all rows)
    11.verrsion: 0 (constant for all rows)

    so can any one tell me that how can i solve my exercise?

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    Here is the documentation of the relevant steps:

    Add Constant
    Add Sequence
    Generate Rows

    Don't forget to skim the samples in your Kettle installation folder.
    And consider to read a book - see section Books in the Wiki.
    Following the threads in this forum for a while should be helpful, too.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    ok i am following the steps you suggested me marabu,

    and if you can provide me any example for the same then it could be great for me..

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    [X] Forums are not to be used to have other guys do your homework

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    Achieved the desired output..
    Thanks for your help marabu

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