I have a line chart that is charting a percent of something. Since the percent can never be more than 100 I have my orthoAxisFixedMax set to 100. However, when one of my series has values that are 100% it can be almost impossible to decipher the difference between the chart outline and the data line. In the below example the dark blue series is 100 for values 4,5, and 6, but it is very difficult to distinguish this dark blue from the black chart outline.

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Is it possible to do any one of the following to get around this situation?

a) Not print the top and right chart lines leaving only the x and y lines. That way the top of the chart is simply white space and I do not have the chart outline to contend with?
b) Change the color of the chart outline to a light gray?
c) Make the data line thicker so it is a different thickness than the chart outline?