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Thread: Issues when adding a new datasource

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    Default Issues when adding a new datasource

    Hey Everyone,

    Really sorry if this is a repost of something, but I could not find much to help me, if there is another thread that would answer this question for me let me know.

    So I have downloaded and setup the bi-server and admin console. All seems to be going well. I was able to install some plugins like Saiku and CDE, CDB, CDC, CDV. So I thought I would add my own database, I followed the instructions on the Help of the Admin console and setup a new database connection
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    I than tested my connection
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    Great! According to the help this is all that needs to be done for me to have access. However, after restarting the server and logging in when I go to create a new adHoc report the available datasources are still the same list I initially did.
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    So think to myself maybe I am supposed to configure this in the client? So I go to the home page of my dash and click Create New Datasource. I type in the name and select NES1948 (this is the one I added in the admin console, so I am surprised to see it here and not in the available datasources).
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    When I enter next it comes up with a Waiting... Fetching Table information message that just hangs there forever, If I try to manage existing datasources and pull in "Select * from NES1948" I get an Error0009 message. Do you know any reason why this might be happening? Do I need to add a driver somewhere or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Had exactly the same problem. This fixed it, I copied the jar file to the following locations:

    You should now be able to do selects and table source definitions.

    There is another problem with MySQL that I have not been able to fix, see!-%29

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