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Thread: Compiling Jar with dependencies

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    Default Compiling Jar with dependencies

    Instead of running code from the code box in the "User defined Java Class" I am trying to compile it into a Jar, and run the jar file from the "User defined Java Class". I do this because my Java projects are too big, and in order to increase modularity. However, there are some problems with dependencies. Some methods are not available in the libraries, whereas there are some which are available in multiple libraries.

    Zip file of the project I am trying to compile:
    Screenshot of the Gradle file I am using: [IMAGE][/IMAGE]
    Screenshot of some methods it cannot detect: [IMAGE][/IMAGE]
    Screenshot of some methods that are available in multiple libraries: [IMAGE][/IMAGE]

    EDIT: Manually adding ALL of the Jars from \data-integration\lib\ does not work either.
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    Sorry to hear you got problems with the dependencies. I have compiled and used jars in UDJC, but not with dependencies. There are different ways of compiling the jars, is it possible for you to compile the jar so that it includes these dependencies? Putting the jars in the lib folder is definitly a step in the right direction, so good thing you tried that.

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