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Thread: Documentation on Kettle-specific JavaScript functions

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    Question Documentation on Kettle-specific JavaScript functions

    This blog post states the existence of for example a function called 'createRowCopy'. But I can't find any offical documentation on this function.

    I also cannot find it in the list provided by the JavaScript Value step:

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    Is there somewhere an official documentation on all available JavaScript functions specific to Kettle?


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    I don't see any mention of the function you mention on that page.
    I'm no expert.
    Take my comments at your own risk.

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    @gutlez: The function createRowCopy() is used on Slawo's next article linked from the given page.

    @Raffael: Those of us who enjoy open source software without paying for support must not shy away from the source code - here's to wet your feet ...
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Sorry, corrected the link.

    Those of us who enjoy open source software without paying for support must not shy away from the source code.
    But it is also true that a lot of open source software has extensive and very well-written documentation.
    And true as well it is that the usage and the success of a an OO tool depends a lot on the quality of the documentation.
    Truth, though,is also found in the observation that Kettle documention is not all bad - just not extensive and 100% up to date.

    The javadoc-link you provided is I guess the best starting point for somebody to take a peek under the hood with the intention of figuring out a specific question. Thanks
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    The reason why we never documented it is that it's more or less an exposure of the internal Kettle API.
    The idea is that if you're really going to use that, perhaps you would be better off with the "User Defined Java Class" step.

    Other than that, create a JIRA case to ask for the missing documented functions so that it's at least officially known that they are missing.

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