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Thread: Single Sign Out with CAS

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    Question Single Sign Out with CAS

    Hello, hope somebody can help me about single sign out with CAS Server.

    I'm using Pentaho CE 4.8 stable and have tried to integrate it with CAS Server 3.5.2 with guidance from

    Library I'm used:
    - spring-security-core-2.0.8.RELEASE.jar
    - spring-security-cas-client-2.0.8.RELEASE.jar
    - cas-client-core-3.2.1.jar

    I have been success with single sign on but still have problem with SINGLE SIGN OUT.
    When I logged out from Pentaho, CAS ticket was destroyed and CAS server also clear it's session.
    BUT... when I logged out from CAS Server, although CAS ticket was also destroyed, Pentaho didn't clear it's session and I'm still logged in!

    I have created a sample application for CAS testing purpose and I didn't encounter this kind of problem, everything is going smoothly.
    I don't know what's wrong with my configuration, please look at my attachments and tell me what it's lack of.

    Thank you.
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    Nobody has tried this?
    Yesterday I met odd condition.
    First time I started Tomcat server, I logged in to Pentaho via CAS and I logged out from CAS, then Pentaho also cleared its session (log out status).
    Then I did the same thing as before (logged in and logged out) BUT... Pentaho still held its session (still in log in status).
    Now I'm inspecting CAS log (in debug mode) and I hope I can find something useful.

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    I found the answer in
    SingleSignOutFilter must be placed in first order to be working correctly!
    I attached my web.xml file for anyone who want to learn integrating Pentaho to CAS.

    Thank You.
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    Default Not able to configure the cas with pentaho

    hello this is sachin.
    I am actually facing same issue to configure cas with pentaho 6.1
    can any body tell me how to configure because i have google lots of about this but wll not able to achieve this
    like i have user 1.cas-server-webapp-4.0.0
    4.biserver-ce 6.1

    but it wont be redirect from cas login to pentaho/home
    its shows

    can any body help me pls..........

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