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Thread: What to do in PRD when using a Java TableModel

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    Post What to do in PRD when using a Java TableModel

    This might be a simple question, but I don't know what to do in PRD when passing in a Java TableModel.
    I thought I have to make a Table data source and name the columns exactly as they are named in the TableModel. But the report preview showing up in my Java application is empty.
    So doesn't it work that way ??

    Basically I'm doing the following:

    TableModel tm = ResultSetTableModelFactory.getInstance().createTableModel(rs) ;     //  generate a TableModel
    DataFactory df = new TableDataFactory("Query 1", tm) ;                                        //  generate a DataFactory 
    report.setDataFactory(df)                                                               //  setting the DataFactory of the report object

    the report object is generated like this:

    final ClassLoader classloader = this.getClass().getClassLoader();
    final URL reportDefinitionURL = classloader.getResource("tablemodel_report.prpt");
    final ResourceManager resourceManager = new ResourceManager();
    final Resource directly = resourceManager.createDirectly(reportDefinitionURL, MasterReport.class);
    return (MasterReport) directly.getResource();
    Pleeease help!!
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