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Thread: PCM13 - Pentaho Community Meetup 2013 - October 5th, Sintra, Portugal

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    Cool PCM13 - Pentaho Community Meetup 2013 - October 5th, Sintra, Portugal

    PCM13 - Pentaho Community Meetup 2013 - October 5th, Sintra, Portugal

    On the 6th edition of the Pentaho Community Meeting, we're going to repeat Portugal. If you've been in the others, we'll promise we'll try everything to make this the best ones. If you have never been in one - believe me, you'll become a regular.
    Date is set: October 4-6 2013 (main day, 5th)

    The result of the poll was clear. We have a date set for the weekend of October 5th!


    We don't have a final place, but it will be in Sintra. It's about 30km away from Lisbon, which admitedly is not ideal from someone flying from the outside, but believe me: It's easy to get there (about 1h in public transportations) and it will be totally worth it! It's a World Heritage site
    We're trying to organize this at the gardens of this place....

    Targeted audience

    This is a community event. And my definition of community includes anyone that has a passion for Pentaho (being EE or CE users) and want to see the huge ammount of amazing stuff that other people build around the world.
    This is not a sales event. We usually go deep in technicall stuff, showing the latest news of what's being developed in the Pentaho ecosystem, and lot's of focus in real world use cases.

    Agenda for the 3 days:

    • Friday evening: Networking and drinks
    • Saturday: Main presentation day
    • Sunday Morning: Networking and sightseeing

    As usual, all the presentations will happen on Saturday, 5th of October, but the event starts on friday evening - yes, everyone knows that the main idea of the event is fun, sun, networking and drinks. So we'll be meeting on friday evening. Totally optional, like the last day, but... I wouldn't miss it if I were you

    Presentation agenda - open for proposals

    This is a community event, so the presentation agenda is defined by the audience. Please get in touch with us if you want to present something. We want you to present stuff!
    All we can say for now is that we've always been able to get the Pentaho rockstars ( Matt Casters, Kettle creator, Julian Hyde, Mondrian creator and Thomas Morgner, Reporting Engine creator)


    This year, Pentaho and Webdetails will sponsor the costs of the venue, including coffee breaks. Lunch on saturday is not included, and has a price of 25€ per person (we can give out a menu later). The venue we're aiming at is somewhat far away from city center, so there may not be a lot of alternatives. If you really thing this could be a deal breaker, let us know
    So here's the total cost:

    • Event price: 0
    • Lunch on Saturday: 25€
    • Activity on Sunday morning: 6€ entry fee
    • Estimated cost to get to Sintra from airport:
      • Taxi: 35€, 25 minutes
      • Public transportations: ~5€ (subway + train), ~60 minutes

    • Cost of a small beer in Portugal: 1€

    Event Capacity

    We can't fit everyone. Hurry up! 100 people is the limit.


    Well - Go to the usual places and search for Hotels in Sintra. We'll search for recommendations but nowadays everyone can book on their own really quickly.

    You can register from the event page
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    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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