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Thread: is it possible to run Classic Reporting Engine on IIS?

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    Default is it possible to run Classic Reporting Engine on IIS?

    Just started a new job in a .NET shop after doing a lot of Java. Told them about how great Pentaho reporting was. I've previously embedded the PRE in web pages and was wondering, since the classic engine runs independently of an app server, is it possible to embed PRE the same way. Unsure if it runs on the client or if it's running primarily on the server. I did some searches but not much turned up since it embedding the engine does not seem overly popular as it is. Does anyone know of a Pentaho level open source community product for .NET if that's not possible? Or are we stuck paying scads of money for the .NETy products?

    Cheers and thanks!

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    No response on this? Maybe it's a stupid question.

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    There is no sane way to run Java inside the IIS. But you can run a tomcat server *behind* an IIS if that is any help. Your .NET code would be separated from the engine and if you need to share data that cant be passed as parameter nor stored in a database, you may have to jump through hoops, but at least you can run the engine and even the full BI-server this way.

    But truely embedding as native .NET component - nope, not possible.
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    Maybe you can try this solution
    Tell me if it's working, I haven't tried

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