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Thread: Kettle and LibreOffice Base

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    Default Kettle and LibreOffice Base

    Hello, is it possible to use Kettle to access a database created with LibreOffice (file with .odb extension)?

    I think LibreOffice Base uses Hypersonic (HSQLDB). So I tried to make a database connection using Hypersonic connection type and Native (JDBC).

    I left the fields Host Name, Port Number, User Name and Password blank. And in the Database Name field I put the path to the .odb file.

    The connection seems to work OK, but in the end it doesn't show any table (only metadata).

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    Usually these OO files are zip files themselves. Did you try to look into it?
    There should be a database folder, the HSQLDB files are probably located in there.

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    I unzipped the file and tried to view the tables in the database connection explorer and could not make it work.

    I will use SQLite as local database instead, it seems to be much more easier to setup.



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