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    Exist a way to import a d3 graph into a dashboard? How can i use a datasource from cde with the d3 graph?

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    This is a hack. We did it this way before CCC supported negative and positive stacked bars. The draw function writes a d3 chart to the htmlobject. This is in the postExecution of a dummy barchart.

    var dataSet = this.query.lastResults().resultset;
    var dDates = _.uniq(_.pluck(dataSet, [0]))
    var series = _.uniq(_.pluck(dataSet, [1]))
    var htmlobject = "#"+ this.htmlObject'svg').remove()
    var h = 500, w = 1000, margin = 40
    draw(dDates, series, dataSet, htmlobject, h, w, margin)

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    You may use the Raphael component as a starting point to develop the d3 component:

    Then, share it with us!

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