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Thread: Uncommited rows

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    Default Uncommited rows

    Hello all...
    I'm a new Kettle user, so maybe this is an old question I haven't yet found with searches...

    I have a transform that uses Table output as the final step, to write data to a table. However, when I run the transform the number of rows that get inserted into my (empty) table are less than the number reported as "Written". It seems that the problem is the "commit size" is such that I end up with a number of uncomitted records that are less than the commit size interval. For example, If I set the commit size to 100, and the source data has 225 rows, I end up 25 rows short.

    I really don't want to set commit size to 1 - what am I missing?


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    What is the Kettle version you are using?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Sorry - should have included that... 4.4.0-stable

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