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Thread: Pentaho Authentication Method

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    Default Pentaho Authentication Method

    Hi all
    I want to integrate Pentaho with C#/VB.NET platform.
    For the Authentication, there is login page for user console.
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    If I do not want use above login page to login, I want to login in code behind, I knew there are following method to do
    1) CAS SSO
    2) pass parameter like querystring to the url eg

    Except above 2 method, do you know other solution for C#/VB.NET?

    Method 1) CAS SSO is most common solution but I have no much time to investgate.
    Method 2) is most simple solution but it is not secure (can find the password easily from web browser....)

    Thanks you very much in advance!!!

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    If you are in the mood of writing some code you can develop your own authentication bean. That component has to be placed in the spring security filter chain and should extend some classes (I have some example code for that). Althoungh you have to develop and mantain your own code (relax: since version 3.5.2 I never had to modify it and I'm on 4.8) you can implement whatever login handshake you want.
    For example you class might allow for credential passed on the URL with a secret simmetric crypt, or could contact an external token validator, or use nonces...

    I would suggest you to think about the SSO protocol you'd like. in first place


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