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Thread: Javascript compare

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    Default Javascript compare

    This is some pretty basic Javascript stuff, but driving me a little crazy:

    I have this simple code:
    var pass_fail = "";
    if (SRC_COUNT == DM_COUNT)
    pass_fail = "PASS";
    pass_fail = "FAIL";
    When SRC_COUNT is equal to DM_COUNT, it ends up setting "FAIL" to the variable "pass_fail" If I use "=" instead of "==" it correctly writes "PASS" to the stream.

    Shouldn't "==" be correct to use to compare two values? SRC_COUNT and DM_COUNT are two values passed from the stream and not variables in the javascript itself--does that make a difference?

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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks. I tried:

    if (parseInt(SRC_COUNT) == parseInt(DM_COUNT))
    And that worked.

    I noticed before with this code that just using "==" by itself wasn't working regardless of whether compatibility mode was on or off. Is the above method using parseInt the recommended way to compare two numbers always? We've just used "==" before, and it had seemed to work fine. Only thing that might be different here is the two numbers being compared come from two different data sources via a join step (as you might have guessed from the var names), but both are the result of a count and both data sources are Oracle....


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