I am having a problem with an if...else construct that works correctly when in a test transformation, but does not return the same values when in my actual transformation. Here is the logic.

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NOTES is a varchar which is read from database_1 table Audio and it has some fields that are null. If the NOTES is empty I want to assign nothing or null to FLDNARRATIVE. If NOTES has something in it (a string), I want to set both FLDNARRTIVE and FLDTYPE equal to 1.
FLDNARRATIVE is an integer and is written to database_2 table HEAR
FLDTYPE is an integer and is written to database_2 table HEAR_MEMO

if (isEmpty(NOTES)) {
} else {

I use the Java Filter to direct the rows to the proper database with the following conditional (FLDNARRTIVE.equals(1)). In my test transformation this produces the results that I am looking for. Unfortunately when I place this logic into my real transformation, the value FLDNARRATIVE is always 1.

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Can anyone see any reason that this logic would not work in my real transformation?

Thanks for you help in advance.

Spoon 4.4.0 Running on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, 2008 MSSQL Database - Java 1.7.0_21