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Thread: how to find fiscalquarter based on the start_date using mysql query

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    Default how to find fiscalquarter based on the start_date using mysql query


    How to find out the fiscal quarter of the day based on the start_date suppose in my example After writing this query my resultset will be like below

    MIN(START_DATE) AS start_date, MONTH(MIN(start_date)) AS p FROM xyz GROUP BY YEAR(START_DATE)

    start_date p 
    2001-01-01 1
    2002-01-01 1
    2003-01-01 1
    2004-01-01 1
    2005-01-01 1
    2006-01-01 1
    2007-01-01 1
    2013-04-01 4
    2018-02-01 2
    2019-01-01 1

    For each year the minimum value of date and month is shown like above. From this result I should calculate the quarternumber of year i.e whichever the minimum start_date as displayed it has to become as quarter1.Suppose my minimum date for year 2013 is '2013-04-01' then Quarter has to show it as 1 (4,5,6-Q1,7,8,9-Q2,10-11-12-Q3,1,2,3-Q4) and if my minimum start date for the year 2018 is '2018-02-01' then the quarter has to show it like this(2,3,4-Q1,5,6,7-Q2,8,9,10-Q3,11,12,1-Q4)
    Based on this above date now my sample output look like which is attached in below sheet
    How to do in this query .. help me to resolve this issue. I am not able to get any logic how to design the query based on the above scenario...
    My sample input and output file which is in database it is attached below.

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    Why does it have to be in the MySQL query?

    You could do this with a value mapper step.

    In your query, extract the month number from the date, and then map that value to a quarter.
    If you need this to be field-programmable, then you could use a text file and a stream lookup.
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