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Thread: Nan error message upon loading data to Oracle

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    Default Nan error message upon loading data to Oracle

    For some reason large amounts (as double values) from a Webservice lookup end up as "Nan" error messages when writing to an Oracle table using JDBC.

    When using SoapUi to check on returned data, the values are quite large, but the SoapUi output returns them as true values. When writing the transformation output to a text file in some cases ? turns up as value. Is there a limit to numeric values that can be handled internally?

    The data is a fairly crude and unrealistic testset including some very large = silly - amounts , not realistic in any way, but then again..

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    Which Kettle datatype do you use - Number?
    And which datatype has the Oracle SQL column - DOUBLE PRECISION?
    Could be a driver problem, then.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    The webservice step returns the value as double, but further-on, the datatype is set to number. I took the SQL server type DDL for the tables and converted the scripts using Oracle datamodeler. The receiving column is a float. However, the output spooled to a text file also shows ? value for certain amounts.


    On 2nd thought, SoapUI is also returning Nan values for amounts, so it must be something having little to do with PDI, more with the service itself..
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    Problem must be somewhere in the webservice, like an unfortunate divide by zero. I had no luck with a formula step to check like IsNumeric, but a simple Java script step using the IsNan() worked for me. It is not listed within the steps function overview, but I managed to define a check field that allows for filtering offensive output to the target table.

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