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Thread: Can I access/modify pentaho user session from c# .NET?

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    Default Can I access/modify pentaho user session from c# .NET?

    I use C# .NET to make a basic authentication to login pentaho user console and pentaho have a response with status 200OK (seem auth passed), but pentaho still redirect to login page if I go to http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Home

    I think the reason is pentaho cannot save the user session after authentication from c#
    There is a JSESSIONID=8662330A996FE6A0763B88600294D432 in a response header, is it a imply of pentaho session?

    Can I access and update pentaho user session from c# .NET so that I no need to login again in pentaho.
    Thank you very much!!
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    You should read about web-sessions and cookies to understand the principles of how logging into a website works technically on the client's side.
    What you try to acchive, if I understand you correctly is, doing something like session-hijacking. This means using the session of someone else (in your case the session generated for the .NET platform) to pass-by the login.
    Still I do not understand why you want to do the Login with a .NET program and then use a browser to navigate to the PUC?

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