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Thread: Table Output Step Unable to determine the required fields

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    Default Table Output Step Unable to determine the required fields


    While defining my output table with connection to Postgres DB kettle finds my target scheme & target table, but when i press `Get Fields` button nothing happens (specify database fields checked).
    While pressing `Enter field mapping` i get the following error:

    "Unable to determine the required fields.
    Unable to determine the required fields because the specified database table couldn't be found."

    If i create the table via SQL button everything works fine, but how come that when i specify an existing table it cant be found?

    I'm using 4.4.0-stable version,

    Thanks for helpers,

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    I usually get that "Unable to determine the required fields" when there's something broken upstream from the output... have you double-checked your previous steps? A quick way to do it it right-clicking steps and checking out "Show output fields"

    but then again... you'd probably wouldn't be able to "SQL button" your way to creating a table this way...

    Have you checked on PG if the newly created table has really been created? I remember having problems creating/dropping tables when I used pooling for several simultaneous connections...

    hope these 2 cents help
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    In the Table Output step, are you typing in the schema and table name into the "Target schema" and "Target table" fields, respectively? If the schema is in your Postgres user's schema search path, then you could leave "Target schema" empty*, but if the schema is not in your schema search path, then you need to specify it in "Target schema."

    *If the table you want shares the same name as another table in a different schema, and the other table's schema is ahead of the one you want in the schema search path, then you'll need to specify the schema to get the table that you want.


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    Thanks guys.

    Actually that's super weird, i dropped my table and created it again, table name in lower case (it was upper case before) and everything worked.
    (just to make sure it is like that i dropped it again and named it in upper case and it didnt work again).

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    It's no bug, it's a feature - a PostgreSQL feature, to be precise.
    Postgres identifiers are case sensitive.

    If you use unquoted identifiers in your DDL, they are converted to lowercase.
    Quoted identifiers are used as is.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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