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Thread: Sending email when i get error while loading table

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    Default Sending email when i get error while loading table


    i am loading data to table using spoon. if any records rejected or if any errors occur, i want to send an email.
    How can i do this? id i use a mail step after the Table output, it will write all the error records in the email. i dont want to do this, because if there are million errors for some reason, i dont want to bring down the mail server.

    Thanks for your help

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    There are a few options:

    1. I like this way: put a Blocking Step in the error stream between the table input emitting errors and the email step. The blocking step will just send through one - the last - error row to the email step and you'll just get the one email sent whether it's many or one error.

    2. have the error step set a variable and in a subsequent transformation, check the variable and send an email if needed

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