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Thread: Hide Hierarchy Names/Labels in MDX Output

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    Default Hide Hierarchy Names/Labels in MDX Output


    I am crea ting a water fall chart using CCC. Below is the MDX Used as datasource. I have a dimension Origin Country which has hierarchy as Region and Country. when i use the ouput of this mdx in the chart, i see the hierarchy name also displayed. is there any way to hide hiearchy name in the ouput.

    In my case i see the ouput as [Time_Month].[Jan] and [Origin Country].[All Origin Countrys].[North America], where as i want to ouput to be
    [Jan], [North America].

    In the the water fall chart design, i am setting the following properties to true. I am attaching the screenshot of chart ouput and the mdx output.

    CcrosstabMode: true,dataMeasuresInColumns: true,

    MDX Query
    member [Measures].[] as '([Measures].[Dollar Amount] / 1000)', FORMAT_STRING = "$ #,##,##,### K"
    select NON EMPTY ({[Origin Country].[Region].Members}) ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY ({[Time_Month].Children}) ON ROWS
    from [Anciliary Service Cube]
    where crossjoin(([Measures].[]), [Time].[2013])
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    You can use the postFetch function to play with the data and change it
    Pedro Alves
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    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for the solution. Is there any example of this?


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    This is resolved. i had to make a slight change in MDX query as follows

    set [Filter Members] as '{({[Origin Country].Children} * {[Time_Month].Children})}'
    member [Measures].[] as 'Round((([Measures].[Dollar Amount] / 1000)),0)', FORMAT_STRING = "$ #,##,##,### K"
    select NON EMPTY [Measures].[] ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY [Filter Members] ON ROWS
    from [Anciliary Service Cube]

    At the Chart definition, i made following changes.

    CcrosstabMode: false,dataMeasuresInColumns: false,

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