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Thread: Using Button component to pass values to query and generate a chart

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    Default Using Button component to pass values to query and generate a chart

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to use a text input component and a button component where by clicking submit(button component) the value from the text input must be passed to the query in the data source and a chart must be generated depending on the rows returned by the query. what expression should i write for the following requirement to work. Please do help me with this.

    Santosh Bhagavatula.

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    Did you find the solution to your problem? I am looking for something similar.

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    In recent CDE+CDF versions, the button component support calling a datasource when clicked. Just open "Advanced Properties" in CDE.

    If you want a chart to be generated upon a click, then you should:
    1. associate a parameter with the text input component (textParam)
    2. create a parameter "queryParam"
    3. on the "expression" of the button, write code to process textParam, and output the result to queryParam by calling 'Dashboards.fireChange("queryParam", ...)'

    4. configure the chart component to listen to "queryParam". The chart datasource should also depend on queryParam.

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