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Thread: How a admin can view all the data, while other user can only view their data.

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    Default How a admin can view all the data, while other user can only view their data.

    Hello All,
    Suppose I have a group of roles A. Admin and B. College
    In admin and College roles there are lots of users.

    My requirement is to make a report using env:username and env:roles and publish it to BI server and when a Admin user logged in he should be able to view the data of all colleges but if a college logged in he should be able to view also his belonging data.

    I have tried it by env:username via this query:-

    select UserName,UserID,MU.UserTypeID,LoginID
    from master_user MU
    inner join Master_UserType MUT on MUT.UserTypeID=MU.UserTypeID
    where UserName= ${username}

    Note:- ${username} is a env:username parameter

    But after publishing it, if admin A logged in he only will be able to view his data.

    Please help in this regards. as I am stucked in it for the last 3 days.
    If you want more clarification of question ask me.

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    Hello All,
    I am able to create new user from administration Console , but i am not able to give access to users for any reports developed to that user .
    Please provide the steps or any guide for this issue.


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    To give access you have to share that particular report to that user. for that you have to first log in to BI server PUC as a administrator i.e. ''joe'' and then right click on that report and then click on share, after that a new window will be prompt then go to share tab and select the user u want to give access to that report and after selecting the user select the rights u want to give to that user for your report. and then log off from PUC and log in as the User u gave permission.


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