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Thread: Barcode Settings

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    Default Barcode Settings

    Is there a way to control the size of the barcode generated? I am using a Code39 barcode and I am only giving it 7 characters but it is almost as wide as the report I am creating. When I make the barcode field smaller it doesn't resize the barcode, it just cuts the end off the barcode. I have used other reporting tools where I can make the barcode smaller. Is it possible with Pentaho?

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    could it be that you have set the "bar-width" and/or the "bar-height" attributes? Clear them and the size should be more reasonable again.
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    I cleared them and nothing has changed. I had the bar-width set to 1 and with it cleared the barcode is the same size. Also, it will not allow me to enter a value less then 1.

    I am trying to use Pentaho to replace our internal label printing system. The labels are 4x6 inches and in the original label program a code 39 barcode for my test data is about 4 inches long but in Pentaho it is almost 6 inches long for the same data. Our labels are based on customer requirements and I can't meet them with barcodes that take up the entire width of the label.

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    I am not sure if it is possible with Pentaho. Whether the created barcode can be adjusted or not largely depends on the barcode generator itself. I have been using barcode generators for years. Some good barcode generators have this functionality. But some do not have. If you must use the tool from Pentaho, you can try it and see if it support to do this. Here is a barcode generator I have used which allows users to resize the created barcode. You may take a look. Here is the creation guide.

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